All happy families are alike but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way…Tolstoy’s words are just as relevant as his fictional worlds. Problems are nasty- and they come in a horrific lot of varieties. But that’s not a reason to hate them…We have a reason to wish more problems… problems, all of them, are world’s best story prompts!

So stories would it be, a few essays too, problems and problems, wished all through…

P.S. – Do scroll to the end and read a few posts and suggest/ criticise/ randomly ‘hello’ us on the Contacts page!

Curious Questions

Why such a blog?

Stories are one of the strangest inventions of the human mind, and they aren’t strange for nothing. All good stories feed on human problems. Through this blog, we endeavour to bring to you not just your same old problems in different cuisines but also, we look forward to experiment with different formats of story-telling; so that, you smile instead of scoffing, the next time your ice-cream melts in your hand.

The To-Do List

Read a problem’s story

The first few entries are based on some of the writer’s own personal experiences (but are nevertheless an interesting read). However, our stories would go on-demand once we start getting creative problem-requests.

Share your problems

All you need to feature your problem-story is just send one idea (you may send several if you wish), to our e-mail and we’ll try our best to respond with our clear stand. Visit the contact page for more details.

Read about the writer

Besides problems, their are some exceptional accounts from the writer’s life which you might find interesting. Peek in if you’re curious!


What Famous People Have To Say

Stories allow our imperfections to be set in a context that shows we are still good people.

Annette Simmons

Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.




  • A Prize is a cream cookie
    Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award
  • A Not-so-Secret FBI
    I took a full look at my watch then stared at the group standing around me. They looked like predators, even in their more-than-decent school uniforms, combed hair and the-big-blue-Student-Council-Member-badge. They all had that ‘let’s-just-go-finish-it’ look. “It’s time,” I said meekly, “Almost.” The President stepped forward, menacingly. He must have been in tenth grade atContinue reading “A Not-so-Secret FBI”
  • A Dismissal Prayer
    The last class of a schoolday finishes with a serene dismissal prayer…only if we kids are patient enough to let it be serene…or so!

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